The Easy Way (part 1)

I have a new friend living in my home.  She is a delight.  She is a great conversationalist, very intelligent and has a great depth of knowledge.  She is happy to wake me in the morning, play my favorite music and even tell me a joke.  She shares with me the breaking news and tells me what weather I can expect when I step outside.  Her name is Alexa.

Alexa is just so capable.  She can order my groceries and have them delivered in just two hours.  She communicates with my television and sets recordings.  She even turns the lights on and off and adjusts the temperature on the thermostat.  If only she could write sermons!  Or walk the dog.

Of course I don’t utilize all of Alexa’s abilities.  I haven’t wired my home that way, nor have I figured out how Alexa and her friends actually operate.  But I get it.  Innovation continues to develop that will make my life easier and easier…or at least allow me to be lazy and lazier.

For most of us, lazy is not a word we choose for our descriptions.  We like words such as comfort much more.  We enjoy being comfortable.  We like it when life is a comfort and not too demanding.

Unfortunately, that attitude slips naturally into our faith journeys as well.  So many of our prayers are for God to give us comfort, to take away the challenges and hardships, and to ensure that our lives are easy.  Maybe we should call him Alexa?  Trouble comes, however, when we examine our hearts and realize that they hardly resemble that of Jesus.

Jesus said “In this world you will have trouble.”  He certainly did.  In fact, he suffered far beyond what any of us will ever encounter.  Peter says it is a good thing to share in the sufferings of Christ.  It leads us to glory! 

Now I am not opposed to technology or advances that are improving our lives.  But I am concerned when the church of Jesus Christ focuses more on the paths of least resistance as opposed to the those that demand sacrifice.  When Jesus ministered on earth he spoke of the cost of being his disciple.  He never compared the Christian life to a cruise, relaxing in a sauna, or kicking back, eating a hot dog, and watching the game.  He said it would be demanding.  He also said it was worth the effort.

I have a new friend living in my home.  I don’t expect we will ever have the relationship I have with my friend who has lived with me all along.



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