Well Tumbled

I have a small collection of rocks I have picked up from around the world. My collection is growing and now I am making a little pile. Each rock reminds me of a place...a time...an experience I want to remember. The other day I was looking at my collection and noticed they all share a common characteristic. They are different colors and different sizes, but they are mostly round. They have been tumbled in the surf for many years. They have been tossed and turned and crashed upon other rocks. You might say they have had a tough go. Today, they are protected and cherished.

Sort of like life.

Life is a series of challenges. None are easy and some are absolutely daunting. Over time, though, our hard edges are worn down. Over time we become something beautiful. I know that God thinks so. He sees what we become as we live lives of faith. He sees something he wants in his collection; in his presence. And when we are with him, we will be forever protected and challenged.

My round rocks mean a lot to me. We all mean a lot to our heavenly Father.

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