Undercover Boss

            Call me crazy, but I get emotional watching “Undercover Boss.”  I get emotional at the end of the show when the CEO reveals his true identity to people in his organization he has worked with, undercover, for the preceding week.

            The show is formulaic, of course, and every boss gives goodies, usually in the form of money, to the poor folks who work at the lowest levels of the organization.  After having heard their stories, the boss normally tries to right distressed ships.  For instance, there are a lot of single moms who are struggling.  There are a lot of guys who have been homeless but are trying to make an honest living.  You get the point.  So the boss passes out money.  He gives scholarships.  He takes care of children.  And sometimes, he too gets emotional.

            It’s the giving that touches my heart.  As I watch I get this feeling of how wonderful it must be to care for others in that fashion.  How wonderful to drop a measly $30,000 and change someone’s life.  I’m touched by the generosity.

            And then it hits me.  How wonderful to be generous with some else’s money!  Never once has a boss said, “You are a single mom with seven children and you have no place to live.  I’ve decided to move my family out of our mansion and give you the keys.”  Not one boss has personally sacrificed for the good of someone else.  Granted, that’s not how the show works.  But I think it would be a nice twist.

            “Undercover Boss” has also made me appreciate my boss even more.  My boss gave.  He gave his only Son.  He gave me the resources I need; He gave me a “401k” with eternal benefits; He gave me a place to serve.  The list of what He has given me is endless.  What’s more, he has given and continues to give from his own resources.  

            My boss is a truly generous boss.  He’s the real deal.  And, my boss has given me his keys.  He has given me his keys to the kingdom (Matthew 16:19).  The Apostle Peter first held those keys, but now they are in the hands of the church...all of us.  We have the keys that unlock the very kingdom of God to the world around us.

            I wonder how generous we will be?


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