So What's Missing?

So what’s missing?

Our church has certainly stepped up its ministry level!  We have shifted some of our focus toward outreach while maintaining a strong discipleship effort.  We dedicate ourselves weekly to heart-felt worship.  Our missions dollars support outstanding ministries across the world and when given the opportunity, we travel to many of the locations to share in the work.

We are in the process of making Lifetree Cafe both our signature event as well as our primary outreach to those in our community who need a relationship with God.  Our preschool is growing, giving us the ability to share Jesus with many families who are not connected to any church.  Pickleball has become a fun staple of our ministry and new folks are welcomed regularly.  We now have our own Boy Scout troop and Kenny meets with them on Tuesdays to bring a deepening spiritual influence.  He is also helping lead the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Whitewater Middle and bringing growing numbers into our open gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our children’s ministry is exploding.  Each week our children join with us in our worship celebration, listen, somewhat intently, to my kid’s message, and then worship and study at their own age level in their own classrooms.  Families gather together for fun and fellowship.  Our teens are meeting on Wednesday evenings and bringing their friends to a well-planned and exciting time of growing together.  Our teens are active.  Mission trips, retreats, camps, local events, studies, and tailgates are just a few things that keep them busy and developing into strong Christian men and women.

On Sunday mornings our Bible studies are still the backbone of our ministry.  Our classes remind me much of the earliest church that is described in Acts.  And our classes are growing.  More and more and finding the benefit of joining with others on this journey.  Throughout the week we have discipleship groups, small groups, and additional Bible studies.  Combined with personal devotion, we are ensuring multiple opportunities for spiritual growth.  What’ more, we have an active prayer team that under-girds every ministry in the church and prays daily for specific needs of church families.

Missions at Christ’s Church is more than sending checks.  We help supply our local food bank.  The Fish class prepares and serves food for the homeless in Griffin.  Teens and adults alike travel to minister on distant fields.  In addition, our Sunday morning classes support numerous kingdom efforts.

So what else can we do?  Are there any ministries we need to add?  I can’t imagine so.  We are being the church Christ called us to be…in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.  We are busy about the business of our Lord.  So what’s missing?  Maybe only one thing.  You.

Will you prayerfully ask the Lord to guide you in joyful service to his church?  As we grow, more and more demands are put upon those who take their relationship and their role within the Body seriously.  But everyone is needed.  If you are yet to step up to a position of service, now is the time.  Give.  Give of your wealth.  And give of your time as you serve shoulder to shoulder with one of God’s great teams.  He is counting on you.  So are we!


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