Playing Favorites

I’ve always had favorites.  Coaching 4’s and 5’s in soccer, I had favorites.  As a student I had favorite professors.  I have favorite sports teams, favorite cars, even favorite places to visit.  I also have favorite church members.

Now, before I raise alarms, it is a pastoral duty to care for and minister to everyone equally.  I take that responsibility very seriously.  But I still have church members who have attained my favorite status.

My favorites are the radicalized members we have talked about in recent years.  They are radical like Jesus is radical.  They are sold out, all in, fully committed to the church and to the Kingdom of God.  If pastors were granted three wishes or a magic wand, their churches would be filled with favorites.  They are the dream team.

More specifically, my favorites make CORPORATE WORSHIP a priority in their time and schedules.  They GIVE sacrificially and proportionately.  They SERVE with joy, both in the church and in the world.  They are so committed to PERSONAL GROWTH that they participate in some form of a small discipleship group.  And of course, they embrace the MISSION of seeking and saving the lost.

I don’t really have to tell you if you are one of my favorites.  You can figure it out on your own.  And granted, making my favorites list may be the most unimportant, ridiculous, and insignificant of your desires.  I agree.  But how do you feel about putting a smile on the face of God by responding to his love and mercy and grace with your full and heartfelt effort to be a valuable member of his church?

Just a thought…

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