No More Nightmares

Fans of Gordon Ramsey are certainly familiar with his show “Kitchen Nightmares.”  Ramsey spends a week consulting with failing restaurants and helping them to right their course.  It is a highly volatile show where people who know they need change most often resist it.  Ramsey, of course, is his aggressive, foul-mouthed self.  However, underneath his harsh exterior appears to be a soft heart.

On a recent episode Ramsey was in Philadelphia.  The British show crossed the proverbial pond.  At the start, the world famous chef saw little spark in the family whose business was failing and whose debt was passing $250,000.00.  He actually walked off the set claiming the owners didn’t care enough.  Translated, that means the pain they were experiencing did not seem to them as great as the pain needed for change.  Since the show lasts an hour rather than seven minutes, Ramsey returned and great things followed.

The restaurant went from a disaster to a delight.  Even the local food critic changed his tune and profits began to soar.  At the close of the episode, the owner remarked, “I can’t tell you what a turnaround we have experienced.  You just don’t get opportunities like this.”

 When I heard her speak I began to wonder if people feel that way about life.  Do many really feel as though the opportunity to change direction and start on a new path is really that difficult?  Or does comfort trump change?  Regardless, it occurred to me that when we truly desire a change, it is readily available through the grace of Jesus.  Jesus steps in and without the profanity and aggressiveness, merely offers to turn things around.  He offers to set the proper direction and to accompany us on the journey.

 Well maybe restauranteurs are accustomed to going out of business.  Maybe great opportunities are rare.  In Christ, however, they are unceasing.  Day after day Jesus offers us a change…for the better.  Actually, the change he offers is for the best.  I would highly recommend it.

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