About Us


In worship we address the heartwarming styles of all generations by incorporating traditions and songs of the early church with the very latest in music and sound.  Our worship is upbeat and full of praise.  Our preaching and teaching is applicable to life today.  We share together in the Lord’s Supper each Sunday.

We are a church that is fully committed to building strong families.   We work closely with parents to train and encourage them to lead their children on a spiritual journey to a Christlike character.  We believe it is essential that our children have a firm foundation in Jesus Christ prior to their leaving home as young adults.

We hope that you will share our vision and join with us in worship and service at Christ’s Church.

Christ’s Church is one of over 6000 Christian Churches worldwide that celebrates its roots in the Restoration Movement.  We are an independent congregation whose accountability is to God and the members of our church family.  We hold to no creeds but Jesus and no book but the Bible.  We seek to live by the age-old addage, “In essentials unity, in opinions liberty, and in all things love.”

As believers in Jesus we live to love God, love others, and serve with joy.

Formerly known as Kenwood Christian Church, we moved to our present location in 1994.

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